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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy families !

Happy Hump day:)

This morning we headed out to the slide yard where we all engaged in some slide races. We have person vs person slide races as well as car vs . The excited on the car vs car races saw the boys predict who’s car would end up going the furtherest. We also got to mingle with the toddlers and babies as we share a fence in this yard. This meant the Harrison and Zarah got to show off their siblings to all the class. We then headed inside for some morning meditation and morning tea.

Group time saw Mr Don read some stories to us before heading off to do activity time outdoors on the veranda. We had building blocks set up, we had dinosaur land as well as car race track. We then headed into Kindy 1 to watch the Wild Ranger show where we got to explore bugs and stick insects.

We then had lunch and headed off to our beds for rest time.

We look forward to being outside in the side yard this afternoon as we go on adventure on the boat.


With love Miss Tiff and Miss Connie x