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Good Afternoon Families, 

We thank you so much for all your cooperation and support as we work together through these covid restrictions. Please remember to keep yourselves safe and should you or your child display any symptoms please go and get tested. 

Today is Wednesday half way through our Kindy week. This morning we welcomed Myla, Harry, Harrison, Colton, Madelyn, Henry and Harper. We also welcomed back Miss Bek who has been away for the past two days! This morning was an inside morning due to the wet weather we were unable to go outside. For the beginning part of the morning Senior Kindy joined us and we explored the room, we had Henry and Harrison playing with the trucks and cars. They successfully worked through their conflict on what colour cars they respectively wanted before having races around the room. 

Myla, Madelyn, Harry and Colton spent some time building towers with our foam rocks. They would build the towers on top of the tables as high as they could reach and then knocked them down, as they went tumbling laughter filled the room. 

We then got the room tidy before having morning tea. As we finished morning tea we noticed that the rain had stopped so we headed outside for some wet and muddy play! Harrison, Harry, Colton , Harper and Henry all rushing over to the big puddle by the swing where they proceed to jump with joy as they jumped in the mud, water splashing all the way up their legs. They had buckets, shovels, muffin tins and more with them having the time of their lives! Harper and Madelyn wanted to keep themselves clean so they headed for the bikes and went zooming around the bike track. 

We then got ourselves cleaned up and into dry clothes and ready for some lunch. 

Todays menu; 

Morning Tea: Fruit toast, Strawberry and blueberry jelly, bananas and homemade sunflower and hemp seed spread. 

Lunch: Veggie meatballs served with sesame chicken noodle salad and a salad bar 

Afternoon tea: Bumbleberry Crumble bars served with fresh fruit. 

With love, 

Miss Tiff and Miss Bek