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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog 😊


This morning Ryan was very excited to show off his bat man cape to his classmates, running around the yard with his sister Kianni. Millicent, Asher, Zander and Oli were enjoying some relaxing time on the large swing together. Ivy and Ellie were under the fort in the sand pit mixing up some ingredients for a sand soup. Arlo and Emerson have become good friends since Senior and Pre kindy children have been joining. Today they were holding hands while walking around the yard 😊 So cute! Hendrix was so proud to show off his building that he made using the soft Lego saying “Look Miss TJ. Take a photo!”. Once a few more friends arrived at kindy, we made our way inside for our morning reading session with our peers. Our friend, Emerson was super excited to do his Show and Tell on his pet rock he made at home with his Mum. Emerson said good morning to his friends and then told us all about how he made the lady beetle pet rock. Thank you for sharing Emerson!  For our morning group time we had a group discussion on EARTH DAY, which is today. A day where we brainstorm ways we can care for our planet and act on it. It was great to hear the children’s responses and ideas. We spoke about:

 How littering rubbish on the floor can harm ocean and land animals.

How we need to plant more trees and plants to give us clean air to breath in.

And the many ways we can save energy, water and EARTH.

Extending of our discussion we listened to a clip on Earth Day which sang about taking care of Earth. We then went for a litter-pick outside, grabbing our hats on the way out. As we made our way outside the children noticed so much rubbish had been dumped across the grass. The group were straight to it, picking up pieces of paper, cardboard, bottles etc. We all cheered together once we had cleaned up the rubbish! WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

ACTIVITY TIME: The group were invited to paint planet Earth. We asked the group what colours we needed for a nice clean Earth. Arlo said we needed BLUE and Oli said we needed GREEN. The children painted their very own Earth and did an amazing job. Our Earth Day is going to look so beautiful with their masterpieces!

Hendrix had lots of fun with Mr Andrew’s hole punch tools this morning so we asked Mr Andrew if we could borrow them for activity time. It was amazing fine motor practice building strength in the children’s hands to clamp down on the handle. It took a bit of practice at the start but once they understood the technique, they got it! It was lots of fun too, watching the different shape holes they made. We will continue to practice using the hole punch tools over the next few days.

A few of the children also asked if we could bring out the car box and car mat. It was a busy car station with the children driving all over the mat, making sure to share and work around each other.

Before lunch we read the ‘Ten Tricky Dinosaur’ story, practicing our numeracy skills counting down from 10 using our fingers to help us.

Hope you all had a lovely day and enjoy the day further 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia x