Greeting friends and family of Senior Kindergarten!

This morning Senior Kindergarten started the day exploring the many wonders of the playground. Some enjoying their breakfast basking in the warm morning sun while others played with their friends riding bikes, making collages, doing some water painting, testing their balance/coordination on a specially designed obstacle course and constructing a mega metropolis of seemingly endless towers using giant building wooden building blocks. Rosie beat some personal bests today successfully making her way in record time across the obstacle course. Good job Rosie! Hendrix created an amazing collage of a smiley face and Ryan took scootering to a new evolution manoeuvring in a way only thought possible in a Hollywood blockbuster. Well done boys! Very impressive! It was great to see the true strength/bond of our Senior Kindergarten friendships shine bright this morning as they supported, encouraged, played and engaged with each other. A true testament to the caring nature and amazing class spirit of Senior Kindergarten.

Moving indoors, we sat down together on the group mat and practiced singing “People all around the world”. The children are really getting into this song and singing their hearts out while learning in a fun and educational way how many people around the world greet each other and say ‘”hello”. Following our morning group time it was time for morning tea. Each child was asked to identify a specific colour one by one as they transitioned from the group mat to the tables for morning tea. After morning tea it was time to dive into some targeted educational activities. We have been putting a notable focus on developing fine motor skills and self reflection of recent. Today we continued to observe a notable improvement in the area of fine motor skills as the children appeared to make lighter work of the transferring various sized cotton balls from one position to an instructed area using only one hand and a peg. There was certainly an improvement in the development of consistency, accuracy and precision here which is great to see. We have also been talking a lot about ourselves and our family’s, sharing some of the many things we like with our fellow class mates as we continue to engage in helping the children not only better understand themselves but also their friends.

Today we setup a “self reflection station” where the children individually (using a mirror) drew a self portrait of themselves and discussed/noted some the their favourite things. So that at the end of the year we can repeat this activity and compare how they see themselves now to the way they see themselves in a number of months from now.

We have been encouraging the children to openly share with the class anything they wish to share as a “show and tell” this is again designed to develop class relationships and as a confidence builder to openly speak in front of and to their fellow peers. Today Noah brought in some family photos to share with the class. One photo was of his family at his parents wedding the other was a photo taken with Santa last Christmas. As he presented the photos to the class Noah explained in more detail what was happening in the photos and named everyone in each photo. The class all really enjoyed Noah’s “Show and tell”. Great job Noah! Its not always easy to speak in front of our fellow peers but Noah did a wonderful job. We are very proud of him.

We also had a “creative mess” station setup using shaving cream and sand, the children could explore the unique texture and consistency of this with their hands. This activity certainly brought a lot of smiles and laughter into the room.

Lunch time! Todays menu, pasta bake with salad greens, beetroot, corn and cherry tomatoes was a class favourite today.
With our tummies full we made our beds and prepared for rest time. With such a busy day it has been, it did not take long for the children to settle down and drift of to nap land.

This been our day so far. We are having a wonderful day here in senior kindergarten and we look forward engaging in more exciting activities over the remainder of the day.

As the children begin to rise they will be given quiet activities including reading books and puzzles. Once everyone is awake we will pack away our beds, enjoy a light snack for afternoon tea before heading back outside for a play in yard with our friends.

From all of us here in Senior Kindergarten today, Happy Tuesday!

Kind Regards,
Mr G & Miss TJ