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Good afternoon friends and families,

Today we welcome Grace, Rania, Poppy, Alanis, Rumi, Banjo, Luca, Archie and Kezia into the yard where they spent the morning playing in the outdoor kitchen, playing with the water, and running up and down the grass hill. We enjoyed the time with our pre kindy and kindergartens classes. After a play outdoors, and once all of our friends were here, we ventured indoors where we sat for group time on the mat and Miss Bec helped us with the alphabet flash cards and read us “we are going on a bear hunt” The children are getting to know the book so well, that they even know most of the words!
Last week, was a week for our educators to really understand each child’s interest, so Today for our activities, Miss Bec brought in some new cars for us, which we made a car track for. The children loved helping Miss Bec make different tracks, and zooming the cars around the track. Miss Bec also brought in some baby doll accessories for the children. We got out the spare nappy changing mat, and the children practiced changing the baby nappy and “feeding “ and bathing the doll.
Today, we also practiced our writing skills, where Miss Bec wrote our names on the whiteboard and we tried to copy. We also wrote some letters on the board, and Bec got the children to attempt to name the letter. They did so well!
It was then time to pack away all of our toys, and head outside for a play before lunch and rest time.

what a great Monday!!

love Miss Bec and Otavia xx