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Good afternoon friends and families,

This morning we welcomed Finley, Rumi, Kezia, Rania, Grace, Poppy, Lachlan, Luca, Alanis, Archie, Henry and Banjo, into Senior Kindy. We started the morning in the yard where the children enjoyed riding bikes, swinging on the swing, running up and down the grass hill, climbing on the obstacle course and playing in home corner. The children are really interesting to watch as they start to develop friendships and it’s cool to listen to the conversations they have between themselves.

After a big play outdoors, we decided to transition indoors where we sat on the mat and Miss Bec read us “we are going on a bear hunt” and “that alpaca ate my cracker” before we sang bee bee bumble bee, called out our name and transitioned to the bathroom where we washed our hands and sat down at the tables for morning tea.

After morning tea, the children had the choice of lots of activities today. Miss Bec set up a reading corner for the children, there was an art and craft table which had pencils and paper on it for the children to draw, there was a dinosaur/car washing table where the children could wash the cars and give their toy dinosaurs a drink, home corner was set up with baby dolls and their accessories including nappies, bottles, shampoo and conditioner, the car mat was also set up for the children so that they could race their cars and trucks around. The blocks also ,are an appearance today, building big tall towers, some of the children even colour coordinated their buildings, making them all red or all yellow. Wow! What a morning we have had, with so much to do, we loved it! The children are so happy when they are able to roam from activity to activity at their own pace, having conversations with their friends as they move around the room.

It was then time for us to pack away our toys and head outdoors for another play outside where Miss Parminder pushed us on the swing as we all screamed “higher, higher, higher”. Some of us enjoyed sitting in the shade and playing with the under cover activities. We then headed back inside where we washed our hands and sat down at the table for lunch.

Wowee, what a blast of a day!

Love Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx