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Hello families,

Today we welcomed Rania, Hudson, Luca, Goku, Lachlan, Everly, Banjo, Poppy, Grace, Rumi, Finley, Kezia, Henry and Alanis into the yard. The children spent the morning reading Disney books, identifying the princesses, and their favourite Disney characters from Frozen, Cars and Moana.  Grace, Poppy and Zahra loved the princesses, naming Belle and Cinderella. Rania, Henry, Banjo, Goku and Lachlan enjoyed riding around on the bike track. Luca and Rumi enjoyed the swing and Hudson and Kezia asked for a dance party. It was then time for our friends to participate in their weekly soccer session before heading indoors for morning tea. We transitioned to morning tea by reading “we are going on a bear hunt” using Hudson’s pictures that he brought in to share the story.

After morning tea, the children sat on the mat where we spoke about what we are doing today. We then put on our hats and sunscreen, ready for another outdoor classroom day. We started our activities by going on a nature hunt, looking for flowers, grass, and leaves to add to our nature headbands. Once the children were finished finding everything they could, we sat down at the outdoor tables and started to glue the pieces onto our headband. Some children added sand, some added leaves and some just liked using the glue to “paint” the headband. On another table, we had a wallpaper book that Miss Nads had leftover. We used this for some art and craft by putting paper over the page and using a crayon to draw on the paper, which formed the pattern of the wallpaper. Henry, Banjo, Hudson, and Luca really enjoyed playing together in the yard, pushing and transporting sand and mud around the yard. They then used the mud kitchen to make cupcakes and pasta, mixing the ingredients together to form different consistencies. As usual, we had a dance party on the hill, moving around to songs from Frozen, the freeze collection and “I like to move it move it”. It was then time for us to head inside for lunch and rest.

Remember to bring in your favourite family photos! We would love to see all of our families up on our family tree.

Love Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Denise xx