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Happy Thursday!

This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Nayla, Toby, Dominic, Luca, Nikora, Parker, Alia, Hunter, Henry, Lincoln, Rumi, Lincoln, Tua and Zahra. The children spent their morning outdoors having bike races, sitting around a pretend camp fire, cooking in home corner, having running races and building towers and ramps with the blocks.

Before morning tea, we sat down for group time and read a book. After morning tea, we transitioned to activities. Today, we did chalk painting, where the children scraped the chalk with paddle pop sticks into water. They then dipped the paper into water, making an artistic effect on the paper. On another table, we had a colour sorting activity. This involved a paint tray that had a coloured counter in each section. The children then sorted and matched the colours into the right areas. This activity was great for colour recognition and fine motor skills as they moved the counters around. Miss Connie then sat with us on the mat playing doggy doggy where’s your bone. This game teaches the children memory and co-operation skills as one person has the bone and everyone works together to keep it a secret, while the doggy guesses. It was then time for our Arakan lesson with Mr Tim  up in the treehouse, teaching us protection and self defence skills.

Tomorrow, the Olympic games in Tokyo start, so for the next two weeks we will be doing a variety of activities. We cannot wait to have many games, competitions and art works displayed.

Unfortunately Miss Tayla has  made the decision to leave us and embark on a new journey. Her last day will be tomorrow (Friday). We are very sad to say goodbye but wish her the absolute best! Miss Alicia will be taking over Tayla as of Monday next week. 

Love Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Tayla x