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Good afternoon Senior Kindy,

Today we welcomed our friends Orion, Zahra, Lachlan, Archie, Nayla, Rumi, Banjo, Hudson, Henry L, Luca, Alanis, Parker, Grace, Henry W, Lincoln and Dominic into the yard. The children started the morning in the yard with their friends from Pre Kindy and Kindergarten. Miss Bec played a game with some of the children, where they pretended that the sandpit was the ocean. The children then jumped off the rock wall into the ocean, where they would swim out, trying not to get attacked by crabs and jellyfish (buckets and shovels). Zahra, Dominic and Parker came up with this role play by themselves and went on with it for ages! We then transitioned to the door, where we lined up in a choo choo train, washed our hands and sat down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat for group time where we read a book that Hudson brought in called “Where’s Spot”. The children looked for spot on each page until we found him. We then read a new felt book called Fuzzy Jungle, where the children used the felts to follow the words. For example “The monkey is swinging from the tree”, then the child would find the monkey and put it in the tree. We then opened up our new present from Miss Nads, which was a brand new car mat! Wowee we loved it!

Today’s activities consisted of indoor/outdoor play where the children were free to choose where they wanted to play. Indoors, we had children making wombat stew with feathers, sticks, creepy crawlies, mud and water. We also had some children playing cars on the new mat, brooming the cars around. Miss Bec then completed a “pattern” activity with some of the children, lining up different coloured tokens in a pattern. The children then used their cognitive and memory skills to work out which colour would go next in the pattern. For example, red, blue, red, blue, red…Outdoors, we had children painting in a “wombat stew” theme, using sticks and leaves to paint in different colours. This week out main theme is Wombat stew/Australian Animals and Reconciliation Week which begins tomorrow. Before we knew it, it was time for us to all head outdoors for a free play. This part of our day is so important as it allows the children to run around, get out any extra energy, and also engage with other rooms, rather than just their own. They love this time!


A few notes for today:

  • The children have their own lockers now which have been labelled. Please put your child’s bag and belongings in that locker and we will ensure we do the same.
  • In the mornings, please make sure your child has a hat on before coming outside.
  • Reminder about our family tree, to bring in your favourite family photo.


Thank you so much!!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Tayla xx