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Hello Senior Kindy families,

This morning we welcomed Rania, Hudson, Kezia, Luca, Goku, Alanis, Finley, Lachlan, Henry, Everly. Banjo, Poppy, Grace and Finley into care. The children spent their time running around, role playing in the mud kitchen, riding bikes and using the outdoor art station. Some of our children also participated in their weekly soccer lesson.

Before morning tea, we headed indoors where the Griffith Speech Pathology students lead our group time. They read and acted out a story called “Piranha’s don’t eat bananas”. The students used a toy piranha and printed fruit to act out the story. This went for half an hour and the children sat the whole way through and were so intrigued! We then said thank you to the students, and turned our bottoms around to sing Bee bee bumble bee, before washing our hands for morning tea.

After morning tea, the children engaged in a dance party, requesting songs including “This way that way”, songs from the movie Frozen, and “baby shark” and “animal freeze”. We then all transitioned to the tables where we made a pasta necklace using the pasta that we all coloured with paint yesterday. The children used their threading skills to thread the pasta pieces on one by one. Threading enhances a child fine motor skills along with their hand eye coordination. Most of our friends did really well at this and couldn’t wait to put the necklace around our necks. We then decided to get out the puzzles and try and attempt them. Miss Bec tried teaching the children about the corners of the puzzle, placing them down first, hoping the rest of the puzzle would be easier to complete. The morning went so quick and before we knew it, it was time to head outdoors for a play. We enjoyed a game of throwing and kicking the soccer ball on the treehouse with Miss Bec. Finley and Goku loved the concept of sharing, as they said “we are sharing”, when taking turns of throwing the ball. This was so good to see!

What a beautiful day we have had.

Lots of love,

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx