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Good afternoon Senior Kindy,

This morning we welcomed Kezia, Goku, Lachlan, Archie, Henry, Rania, Luca, Banjo, alanis, Finley, Poppy, Grace Zahra and Rumi. We spent the morning indoors, playing with the ocean animals and shells, the cars with the car track and even did some drawing. Once Miss Bec and all of our friends had arrived, we sat down on the mat for a grouptime. Today for group time, we talked about the animals that we may be seeing at our show and what our favourite animal is. Alanis even brought in a special book from home, that talked about how to look after the earth. This was really interesting! We then washed our hands and sat down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we walked up to the toddler room where we had our ocean animals show. The children learnt about different sea creatures, and even got to touch and play with them!! They loved it. When we got back to the room, we sat down and talked about what animals they saw, what the animals felt like and whether they liked the feel of it. They described the sea star as “soft and spiky”, the sea cucumber as “squishy” and the crab as “scary”. The children were really intrigued about the animals. we then got out the sea animals and shells again, as well as the spiky blocks and home corner games. Miss Bec made us paper money, where the children played shops, selling eachother different foods. we then headed outdoors for a play, to get all of our energy out.
What a day we have had!!
Reminder that Miss Bec will not be here tomorrow and Friday as it is my birthday,

Love Miss Bec and Miss Dominique xx

Sorry no photos today, they wouldn’t let me upload 🙁