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Happy Friday!

This morning we welcomed our friends into the slide yard where we played on the obstacle course, played “what’s the time Mr Wolf” and “tag”. The children absolutely had a blast running around chasing each other. We then headed down to our class where we sat down for a group time.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat with Miss Bec where we spoke about “manners” including please, thank you and sorry. We spoke about the appropriate time to say each word. We then read “we are going on a bear hunt”. The children are so good at reading the book and knowing what is on the next page.

We then transitioned to today’s activities. Today we did a shaving cream activity, where we added pink and blue glitter and animals. The children enjoyed rubbing the cream between their fingers and covering the animals. We then practiced writing our names and different letters in the shaving cream. Some of our friends then enjoyed a lighting up the gel animals using a phone torch, building blocks with Miss Connie and enjoying some free play. Miss Jenni then came for our weekly dance lesson. We loved dancing around the treehouse and moving our bodies.

That’s all for today! We cannot wait for this afternoon and to see all our Dad’s enjoy sports with us. For those who can’t make it, we wish all our Dad’s the best Father’s Day and we hope your families spoil you!

Miss Bec, Alicia and Connie x