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Hello families!

This morning we welcomed our beautiful friends Hunter, Grace, Hudson, Zilo, Kezia, Dominic, Aria, Zahra, Luca, Archie and Goku who spent their morning playing in the yard with their friends from Pre Kindy and Kindergarten. The children engaged in a range of different activities including building towers with the building blocks, racing each other around the bike track, making mud piles in the kitchen and overall just enjoying themselves!

It was then time for us to come inside for morning tea which we absolutely loved! Yummy fruit and crackers!

After morning tea, we sat down together and sang some songs including the wheels on the bus, the ants go marching and hello how are you. The children then put on their hats and sunscreen, before we headed outdoors for a combined outdoor day with Pre Kindy. Miss Bec set up an obstacle course for the children to complete which involved jumping over and into different area. The children enjoyed jumping over the hurdles and into the hula hoops, working on their agility and physical skills. Some of our friends enjoyed dancing around on top of the treehouse and some enjoyed making towers with the blocks. The children are really starting to form solid friendship groups as some of you are aware, which we absolutely love to watch. Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to come indoors for lunch. While the children were sitting at the tables, Miss Bec read¬† “Wombat Stew” to the children. They loved it!

Our friends are now having their rest time, resting their bodies ready for the afternoon.

Lots of love,

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx