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Happy “Fantastic Friday” Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all have had a Fun Friday. We firstly commenced our morning by utilising the outdoor yard whilst we waited for our peers to arrive. The first to arrive was Isabelle, Lincoln and Hudson. Shortly after Poppy, Toby, Zahra and Aria arrived, followed by Luca, Hunter, Parker, Kezia, Zilo, Archie and Rumi. During our outdoor play, we participated in soccer in the upstairs treehouse, climbed on the obstacle course and swung like monkeys on the swing. As we made our Choo-choo train to line up we transitioned our way inside for morning tea.

As we completed morning tea, our children pushed in their chairs and put away their water bottles for this mornings circle time with Miss Aaliyah. To further gain and extend on the children’s social skills, Miss Aaliyah asked for the children to sit next to a friend and get ready to go onto a boat to sing “Row, row”. During this time Miss Aaliyah sat at the front of the boat to steer whilst the children used their arms and hands to row. Miss Aaliyah and the children begun singing the song along with the words. To make the group-time more fulfilling and engaging Miss Aaliyah would replace the words in the song to “Row, Row, Row your boat” to the children’s name. For eg. “Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream if you see a Parker and Luca don’t forget to scream”. This allowed our children to feel more engaged and included during group-time. Just after our circle time was completed, we begun a very special dance party for our friend Aria who turns 3 tomorrow. During this time, Aria got all of her friends and herself to dance to her favourite songs whilst playing musical statues. Once the music had paused the children would freeze and Aria would hand out a special goodie bag to whoever was staying super still. This was such an amazing bonding experience for all of our children; each child received a delicious goodie bag. Thank you to Aria’s family for providing such delicious treats and Happy Birthday Aria.

Just after, we completed our dance party for Aria the children found their interests in free play. During this time our children found themselves playing at our car mat, socialising with peers about birthday’s and playing with dinosaurs. Providing our children with the chance to utilise their free play, allows us educators to create observations on our children. It lets our children make use of their imagination and curiosity. Just as we were enjoying free play, Miss Jen from funky feet came to give our children their weekly dance class. Together they had their own dance performance, used shakers and pom-poms and did a cha cha line. Our children absolutely loved today’s dance lesson as they got to have a turn at getting up a dancing in-front of all of their friends. As we awake from our midday rest and complete our afternoon tea, we will place on our hats, shoes and sunscreen for an afternoon play outside. Overall, we hope you all have had a Fantastic Fun Friday, we look forward to seeing you next time. Happy Birthday Aria and have a great weekend everyone.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Beck, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Jin xx