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Hello families,
Happy Friday! We hope your week has been a positive one 🙂

Today, we started our day amongst our outdoor yard. This is our favorite place to play, explore and have fun with our friends!

Once we made the transition inside, we sat on the mat for our daily group time with Miss Tatyana 🙂 We welcomed one another and sang our favorite songs! We also got to enjoy the story ‘Jolly Olly Octopus’ for story time 🙂 This was a great way to follow on from our topic of ocean animals this week, which also became our inspiration for some activities planned ahead!
We then made the transition to the bathrooms, practicing our self-help skills and washing our hands ready for morning tea! Singing songs while doing so is a great way to positively encourage the children to promote their self-help skills 🙂
After we re-energized our little bodies, we participated in our weekly Funky Feet lesson!! The children love to dance and have fun, learning how to jump, twirl, follow the actions and express their emotions 🙂 Thanks Miss Jen for a fantastic dance lesson today!
Soon after, our little friends got to enjoy some inside play amongst the room while also engaging in some fun table activities. There was puzzles, play-dough, imaginative play with ocean animals and our car mat and trucks. We also got to participate in an arts and craft activity which involved some blue and green paint, sponges, brushes and collage material. We each used our imaginations and creativity to create our own little ocean inspired by today’s book 🙂 They did really well!
It was then time for us to pack away, sit together for some yummy lunch and rest our tired little bodies.
We have had an awesome week together and hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend!
Thank you friends and see you all next week! 🙂

Kind regards,
Miss Tatyana and Miss Jena