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Hello Friends and Families, Happy Friday!

Today we welcomed Archie, Grace, Parker, Goku, Hunter, Hudson, Zahra, Rumi, Zilo, Ella, Luca and we also welcomed our new friend Aria, who will be transitioning up to our room from Toddlers. Yay! For today’s lesson we welcomed back our educators Miss Beck and Miss Aaliyah.

We begin our Fantastic Friday, completing a variety of outdoor experiences just before our morning tea and group-time session. Together, we enjoyed the dirt-bike track, the underground sand-pit and creating foods out of sand in our outdoor home corner area. As we transitioned inside for circle time and morning tea, we sat down with Miss Munwella and participated in reading stories whilst utilising felts to enhance our story reading. Soon after, we completed morning tea and circle-time. We collected our shoes, hats and sunscreen to sit outside for an Anzac ceremony with the rest of our fellow educators and staff. During this session, we took the time to acknowledge Anzac Day and all the men and women who were apart of it. We completed this time with our one minute silence, a story reading session with Miss Emma, we sung the Australian and New Zealand anthem and lastly planted our very own red poppies into the underground sand-pit. As we moved our way indoors we sat down with Miss Beck and Miss Aaliyah to enjoy some Anzac biscuits that Miss Aaliyah had brought in for our class.

Just after our lunch-time and rest-pause period, we sat down for afternoon tea and had a class birthday party for our fellow classmate Hunter, who turns 3 today! Together, we wished our Hunter a very Happy Birthday and celebrated with delicious iced cupcakes with amazing goodie bags. We thank Hunter’s mother and father for taking their time to create such amazing goodie bags and for bringing such delicious cupcakes for us all to enjoy and share. We hope you all have had a wonderful Friday and well look forward to seeing you next time. Happy Birthday Hunter and enjoy your long weekend.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah.