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Happy “Fun Friday” Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all have had a Fantastic Fun Friday! To begin our Friday we start our morning indoors due to the rainy, cold weather. This morning the children participated in free play as we await for our class peers. Free play is unstructured, voluntary, child-initiated which allows our children to develop their imaginations while exploring and experiencing the class around them. Today educators found our children enjoying dinosaur play, utilising our home corner to become chefs and cooks; role play is being shown and sitting down to complete puzzles. Allowing our Senior Kindy students to experience free play, allows them to develop curiosity, discovery and enthusiasm.

Just as our morning tea arrived, we played our “Clean up song” to pack away our belongings and prepare ourselves for group-time. As we sat down for group-time we said our good mornings to all children and educators that arrived for today’s class. Today we welcomed: Hudson, Toby, Luca, Parker, Archie, Hunter, Orion, Lincoln, Aria, Rumi, Poppy, Isabelle, Kezia, Zilo and Zahra. We said good morning to Miss Aaliyah, Miss Tayla and Miss Jade. For group-time today we sat down with Miss Aaliyah to learn about shapes. She first asked the children “What are shapes?”. Hudson responded with “Triangles” while Isabelle stated “Rectangles”. For today’s group-time Miss Aaliyah utilised our whiteboards to draw different shapes for the children to identify. Miss Aaliyah would then ask a student to guess what shape was drawn. Our children were able to sit down and help one another while identifying the shapes drawn. Occasionally, our students would voluntarily grab the pen and attempted to draw the shape themselves. This shows independence as they are willing to independently hold the pen own their own and take the courage to draw the shape.

As we completed our self-serve morning tea and circle time, we then completed a shape recognition painting experience. To do this Miss Aaliyah gathered a variety of art materials and a collection of spoons, rectangular blocks and different types of materials that would print different shapes. The children would then hold the spoon, rectangular blocks etc to paint. Not only does this experience teach our children about shape recognition but it teaches our children about hand-eye coordination. This is developed while they learn to paint the parts that they see; making sure their hand movement is at pair with their vision. While Miss Aaliyah had the shape painting experience, our children found enjoyment in free play. Today our children enjoyed reading stories, playing in the home corner once again and helping build puzzles that Zahra brought in from home.

As we finish our lunch and begin our rest-pause sleep, we will continue our afternoon with afternoon self-serve tea and depending on our weather outdoor play. We look forward to seeing you next time. We hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

Thank you 🙂

NOTE: we apologise for the delay of photograph uploads. We are still currently dealing with technical issues with the website. Thank you for understanding.

Miss Aaliyah, Miss Tayla and Miss Jade x