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Happy Friday to all our Senior Kindy families!

This morning we welcomed; Toby, Luca, Isabelle, Hudson, Zahra, Parker, Lincoln, Orion, Kezia, Poppy, Rumi and Lachlan to our room. Today was another rainy day, which meant our kids got to find enjoyment in all of our inside toys, including a collection of new resources that Miss Bec brought to our room today. We played dress ups and drew pictures with our new pencils. The morning flew by and soon after it was time to clean up our classroom transition for morning tea. The kids were a big help in doing this encouraged by ”The Clean Up Song”. Once we had cleaned up we washed our hands, sat down and enjoyed our morning tea.

Once morning tea was finished we jumped straight into our activity. We explored a fun, new texture by painting with colourful ‘puffy paint’ which is a mixture of glue, food dye and shaving foam. The children were really engaged during this activity and experimented with the different colours and different painting tools- some children even used their hands, allowing them to further explore with the texture.

The rain made for the perfect reading day, so the children picked out some books and Miss Tayla read to them. They really loved the book ‘Where’s Spot’ and were excited they got to engage throughout this book. Then we decided to get out all our energy by singing, followed by a dance party requested by Parker and Poppy. First we played the ultimate favourite; ‘Gummy Bear’ and then we played some Frozen.

The rain eventually stopped so we put our hats on and ran outside. We got some bikes out and took turns riding around on those. We also found some muddy puddles which Hudson and Lachlan took as a perfect opportunity to make a track for the trucks. They played amongst the obstacle course and before we knew it, it was time for lunch and rest time.

We hope you enjoy your weekend!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Tayla x