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Hello Riversdale families,

Happy Friday!

Today in the Senior Kindy room the children were excited to explore the environment and engage in a variety of child-initiated play experiences. This morning the children requested cotton bud painting, play dough play, transport play, baby doll play and dress-up play in home corner. The children had a wonderful time playing in pairs and small groups as they happily transitioned from one experience to the next, patiently waiting their turn and engaging in conversation with their peers as they played.

Yarn time today we shared a story book chosen by the children entitled “Ruff – and the Wonderfully Amazing Busy Day”, a book about a puppy named Ruff who helps his new friends Hubble the mouse and Lottie the duck find new homes. We also enjoyed playing follow-the-leader, sleeping bunnies, dingle dangle scarecrow and ring-a-rosey. Transition times today we continued on practicing calling out our full names and also identifying our favourite colours, foods and animals.

We hope you all have a fabulous weekend…  Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana