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Happy Friyay!

This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Luca, Toby, Parker, Archie, Hunter, Orion, Lincoln, Aria, Rumi, Poppy, Isabelle, Kezia, Zilo and Zahra into the yard. The children spent their morning outdoors engaging in a range of activities. Miss Bec set up a self-identity painting experience, where the children sat on either side of the transparent painting easle. They then took turns at drawing each others face. They located and copied each others nose, eyes, mouth and ears. Miss Tiffany also set up a sensory tray activity, with a mixture of magic sand, bark, water and leaves. The children loved transporting and moving the different aspects into the different trays.

Before morning tea, we sat down for a group time where Poppy showed us a spider that she found in her playhouse this morning that had passed away. The children spent time counting it’s legs and analysing its different features. We then read Parker’s book that he brought in called “Dr Seus’s ABC’s”. Miss Lea then came in and did a little show for us, and told us that she would be planting a tree for us to look after and watch grow. In Miss Lea’s show, she spoke about the importance of trees, what lives in tree’s, the oxygen that tree’s provide and what animals live in what trees. The children listened beautifully. They even got to hold a stick insect!

To extend on Miss Lea’s show, we did some drawing of “can you draw what grows or lives in trees?”. Archie drew “me”, Luca drew “oranges, apples and a race track in the tree’s”, Lincoln drew a lizard and Toby drew a tiger. Some of our friends were found at our art table doing water colour painting, playing in the tee-pee, pushing around cars or cooking in home corner. Today was a little bit of a free play day, where the children explored the new layout of the room.

What a beautiful end to our week.

Love Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah x