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Happy “Fantastic Friday” Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all have had a Fantastic Friday. We begin our Friday morning in the cool outdoors with the rest of our fellow peers and classes. During the morning time session, we participated in the outdoor obstacle course in the treehouse, rode bicycles and scooters on the dirt bike track and created sandcastles and towers in our underground sand-pit. As we transitioned inside for group-time and morning time, we took the time to acknowledge and say our good mornings to all students and educators that were here for today’s lesson. Today we welcomed Luca, Goku, Poppy, Archie, Kezia, Gabriella, Aria, Hunter, Parker, Grace, Zilo, and Zahra. We said our good mornings to Miss Aaliyah and Miss Beck.

As we completed our morning tea and group-time, we sat back down on our circle mat to discuss the experiences and activities we had planned for today. First off, we read our new book “Wombat Stew”. The children absolutely loved this book and found it so funny! Our children were eagerly excited to begin their day as Miss Bec had bought a collection of brand new toys, activities and gifts for our children to utilise. Together, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Bec sat down with our students to open the new toys and further on had a discussion on how treat our belongings, toys and activities. We also spoke about the concept of sharing our new toys and ways we can look after them. We then separated into two groups to begin playing with our new presents. We had half of our children at the tables, with their own colour play-dough from their choosing. On the carpet, we had brand new cars, puzzles and back to front white board and chalk boards for our children to draw and practice their writing and tracing skills. Our play dough experience allows our children to further extend on their fine-motor skills by pushing, squeezing, gripping and cutting the dough, whilst experiencing sensory-based learning. We also had our brand new Frozen puzzle, which revealed a picture of Elsa and Ana when completed. The children absolutely loved our new toys! We then headed outdoors where we had our weekly dance lesson with Miss Jeni. 

What a beautiful Friday we have had! 

We hope all of our beautiful Mothers have a fantastic Mothers Day and the children spoil you. Please check Miss Bec’s desk and the front foyer for your gifts from the children. 

Lots of Love Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx