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Hello Riversdale families,

Happy Friday!!

As we waited for all of our friends to arrive, we enjoyed some free play outside getting physical and being social butterfly’s 🙂

Once we made the transition inside the room, we participated in our morning yarn time with Miss Leesa. We read some of our favorite books, and we also got to be involved in a little Show and Tell! Some of us got up to speak about the toys and fun gadgets we brought into Kindy today. Millie spoke about her teddy bear she sleeps with, Conall showed us his cool watch that his brother let him borrow and Harper showed us her rolling ladybug stick! It was awesome for us to see the children gain confidence and engage in conversation about something that was important to them.  This is a great skill to have in life 🙂

After we had some morning tea, we all got to enjoy some inside play and fun activities! We did some paintings and used our imaginations and creative skills to paint some colorful rocket ships which followed on from this week’s topic of SPACE. We had lots of fun getting involved in painting and using the Space Book for inspiration.  There was also some collaging and gluing, car racing, home corner play, and lots of Lego building! We love exploring our classroom environment 🙂

We then received our visit from Miss Jen for our weekly Funky Feet lesson!! We love engaging in some fun dancing and actions, and Miss Jen always makes it exciting each time! We had a blast today 🙂

It was then time for big lunch and a rest, ready for the rest of our Friday!

Thank you Senior Kindy for a fabulous week and an even better Friday! We hope you all have a very happy and safe weekend with your families!

See you all in the new week 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana