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Happy Monday!

Welcome Millicent to Senior Kindy room! Millicent was very brave introducing herself to the class of 8 children today. She told us her favourite colour was “white” and she has a “baby” (Sibling). We went around the circle telling Millicent our name before warming up our voices with some morning songs. We sang ‘Hello’ and ‘People all around the world’ where we are learning how to sang hello in lots of different languages including Bonjour which is French for Hello. We are learning Bonjour as Zachary is half French and speaks some French at home with his Mother. Our friend Tate chose the story today. He chose ‘Mouths’ which is an educational story on different animal mouths. We learnt that Crocodiles have teeth and don’t chew their food and Chameleons use their long tongues to snatch their prey which are “Grasshoppers” said Emerson and “Flies” said Ayla. Extending on Chameleon research we searched for a video of the Chameleons eating their prey. Senior Kindy were very surprised and exciting watching the Chameleon stretch out their long tongues to gobble up their food. We all pretended we were Chameleons with long tongues.

Activity Time: We made a fresh batch of blue play dough and added a whole bunch of dough tools such as rolling pins, cookie cutters and cutting tools. Macy was making a long strip of the dough and said it was her “tongue”. Tate began to follow Macy and decided to make a long tongue too. Rosie asked very politely if we could get the cars and trains out to play with. The children had fun using their problem solving skills to make the train track for their cars and trains to roll across. Zachary, Hendrix, Ayla, Emerson and Rosie challenged each other in bean bag toss. With a reused cardboard box for a target the children practiced some gross motor skills using their arm to throw the bean bags, aiming for the holes. They were very persistent and gave it their best shot. Miss TJ also challenged the children’s fine motor skills today putting out the pin boards. Its a great activity for the children to focus on using their fingers to pinch the pins and push them into the holes, designing a picture. Ayla especially enjoyed this activity, using the coloured pins as a boarder. Millicent had fun exploring the activities and her new classroom. Millicent had a lot of fun making meals in the home corner.

Before lunch we had our Yoga lesson with Miss Hayley which the children are really enjoying. They practiced their poses they learnt last week and learnt a couple of new ones. The children had their full attention on Miss Hayley and were taking on the instructions very well.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Enjoy your afternoon.

Miss TJ and Miss Ana (Mr G unwell)