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Happy Monday families and friends…

We had an Indoor play day today due to the wet weather. The Senior Kindy children had lots of fun engaging in a variety of planned and spontaneous experiences. Group time we shared ‘Were Going on an Elf Chase’ – Christmas story and shared some of our favourite songs and rhymes including ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘When Santa got Stuck in the Chimney’ and ‘Santa is Coming to Town’. During our group time conversation Lachlan informed us all that Santa brings us new toys that we don’t already have at home.

Play time today the children kept busy building farms with the animal figurines and barn, designing and building big long train tacks for the magnetic trains and creating tall castles with the duplo blocks.  The children also enjoyed table experiences including sensory play dough play with the paddle pop sticks, wooden rollers and hammers and creating pictures with the textas and animal, shapes and letter stencils.

Other play experiences included doll house play, dress-up play in home corner and transport play with the emergency stations and car mat.

Enjoy the photos…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana