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Happy Monday families and friends…

Today the Senior Kindy children were so excited to reunite with their peers after the weekend. Bjorn and Lachlan quickly paired up during outdoor play and engaged in sensory sand play, covering their diggers in the sandpit and then helping each other find them hiding in the sand. Myla spent some time cooking in the outdoor kitchen, mixing the sand, bark and water together in the large pan and then requesting for Miss Leesa to taste test her creation…Mmmmm… Yummy…Christopher enjoyed riding bikes with some of his friends from pre-kindy

Indoors the children made their way to the mat area to build a big long train track for the magnetic trains. The children worked as a team to piece the track together as Miss Leesa sang ‘Down by the Station’ and the children joined in. The Senior Kindy children were then given the opportunity to continue practicing their fine motor skills with a scissor cutting experience. Miss Shanaya demonstrated how to hold the plastic scissors and squeeze them in and out to cut the paper. The children were keen to practice and show off their skills. Some friends discovered this task a ‘bit tricky’, so we will continue on with fine motor, hand/eye coordination skills practice for the rest of the week including threading experiences and more scissor cutting.

Yarn time today the children chose the ‘ABC flip up’ book from Miss Leesa’s shelf and chose some of their favourite songs to sing with actions including ‘Little Mousey Brown’, Little Crocodile’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus’. Other play experiences included matching and sorting the animal magnets on the whiteboard, role play with the farm and zoo animal felts and dollhouse play.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa