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Happy Monday Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all had such a wonderful weekend and welcome back to another Fantastic week!

This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Nayla, Toby, Dominic, Luca, Archie, Brayden, Orion, Banjo, Rosie, Lincoln N, Aria, Rumi, Poppy, Kezia, Zilo, Zahra and Lincoln W. The children spent their morning playing, running, riding and engaging with one another.

Before morning tea, we sat down for a group time. Today, we read “hooray fish” and a book about colours. The children took turns at saying what colour was on each page, and what they could see on that page. We then spoke about our favourite colour. The hooray fish book was about fish feeling different emotions including happy, sad, grumpy and excited. After morning tea, we sat down again and spoke about what we were doing today.

Today was Cupcake Day! So for today’s activity we made cupcakes! The children took turns in adding the ingredients before mixing it all together. We then took turns in adding the mix into the patty papers before putting them in the oven to cook. Our friends then enjoyed free play both indoors and outdoors, before it was time for yoga. Our friends love yoga and relaxing and stretching our bodies. This morning flew by and before we knew it, it was time to come inside for lunch and rest time.

We will be enjoying our cupcakes as a part of our afternoon tea this afternoon.

What a beautiful start to the week.

Love Miss Bec, Alicia and Aaliyah x