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Welcome to Monday’s Blog

Senior Kindy were very excited to see their friends arriving to kindy today. The children were sharing with their friends and the teachers on what they did over the weekend. Zachary celebrated his 3rd Birthday yesterday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACHARY! Hendrix and his Mum told us that they went to a farm and the beach. Macy was very excited to show everyone that she got her ears pierced last week. So brave Macy, they look beautiful! (Dont forget to lock in your childs name on the calendar to take home Bob the Sloth as a way for them to share their weekend adventures) This morning the group enjoyed their quiet reading time. A few of the children chose to read a book with a friend which was a great conversation and positive interaction experience. We packed away a books and practiced our ‘Listening Lucy’ sitting on the mat with our full attention on Miss TJ. Ayla suggested that we sing ‘ABC’ and then we practiced our counting to 15, using our fingers to help us. Millicent chose ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ story for us to read.

As we spent the morning inside because of the crazy wind we decided to make our way around the corner of the yard where their were no tall tree above us to do running races. It was a great opportunity for the children to let our any extra energy and have fun with each other. Their task was to run down to the fence and back with a friend to high five Miss TJ. We then made a new challenge to jump over a few obstacles… A snake (which was a twisted towel) and a crocodile (a pillow). The class listened to the instructions very well and were great supports while their friends were running, cheering them on. 

Back inside the children chose to play with the train set, drawing circles and shapes with the pens at the table and role playing with our new doll house. While we were playing inside, Senior Kindy noticed an excavator digging up the grass and placing the dirt/grass into a dump truck on the other side of our Kindy fence. We grabbed our hats and made our way out to observe what the construction men were doing. The group were very enthusiastic and engaged in our observation. A few of the friends new that the vehicle digging was called an excavator and the truck that was carrying the dirt was called a dump truck. The construction men gave us a wave and even controlled the excavator to move up and down like it was waving at us. The children were so thrilled! What a great experience for the children, especially because we have been learning about all sorts of construction vehicles.

We had our lovely calming Yoga session with Miss Hayley. The children are responding to the class to well, involving themselves in all tasks and learning how to control their breathing and bodies.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Gabbi x