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 Happy Monday friends and families

This morning the Senior Kindy children had plenty of fun out in the yard. They especially enjoyed using the wooden planks as a ramp to race their cars down, watching the cars then roll across the floor. Ayla took on the obstacle course challenge seeing if she can get through the course without falling off. She had great control and balance and made it through, well done Ayla! A few friends discovered a caterpillar crawling along the bark. The children crowded around the caterpillar observing and talking together about insects and what the caterpillar was doing. Hendrix was experimenting over at the kitchen mixing water, sand and bark together.

We had a yummy yogurt and fruit morning tea before sitting down together on the group mat. We practiced sitting like Lucy and had our eyes on Miss TJ. We sang our hearts out to ‘People all around the World’ before Ayla suggested we sing ‘5 Little Ducks’. We used one hand to help us count to 5 focusing on hiding some of our fingers when counting down. Great Job Senior Kindy! Together we practiced counting to 10 before making our way to the activities.

As we have been focusing on developing our fine motor skills, today we set up a Peg and Pom Pom challenge. We used pegs to pinch and pick up pom poms and place them in the holes of an egg cartoon. It was a bit tricky at first but Mr G was there to help guide the children and demonstrate how to pinch the peg open and close. We will continue to practice this activity through out the week so please feel free to have a go with your child of a morning or afternoon. The children had so much fun with the ramp outside that we decided to bring it inside onto our grass block. Emerson asked if we could bring out the cars. A small group ran straight over to the ramp and raced each others cars down. On the tables we had two puzzles that we borrowed from next door to challenge the children just that little bit more since that are professionals at our puzzles in the room. The children who had a go were very persistent and were using their problem solving skills to match together some of the pieces.

To explore our creativity and express ourselves the children were invited to do a self portrait today. We asked them about themselves and then they used coloured pens to draw what they saw in the mirror in front of them which we placed on the table. –By creating a self-portrait, children learn who they are, how they want to present themselves and what’s important to them

After clean up we played a group game on the mat using a parachute. The children had to follow the instructions given making small/large waves by moving our hands up and down while holding onto the handle very tightly. We placed pom poms on top of the parachute, watching them bounce around the chute with big smiles on our faces.

Yoga with Miss Hayley was lots of fun! We learnt to love ourselves and our neighbours. We played sleeping bunnies while practicing different yoga poses and played a few relaxing games where we focused on our breathing.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Enjoy your afternoon!

Miss TJ and Mr G