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Happy Monday!

This morning we welcomed our friends Luca, Aria, Nayla, Goku, Banjo, Lachlan, Alanis, Zilo, Kezia, Henry, Poppy and Archie and Hudson into the yard. The children spent their morning engaging in a range of different activities including riding bikes, making cupcakes in home corner, jumping over obstacles and swinging on the swing. Before morning tea, the children sat on the mat and sang “if your happy and you know it” and “5 cheeky monkeys” before washing our hands and sitting down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat as a group and read our new Space book. The children learnt about oxygen and gravity along with more planets and astronauts. Miss Bec then brought in photos from the time that she visited NASA space station in America! Be sure to check them out on the wall as  you walk into the room. The children were so intrigued and concerned that astronauts and rocket ships were a real thing. Their faces were priceless haha! She showed us photos of the first rocket that went to the moon, where the rockets take off and photos of an astronaut in space. We then had a mini dance party to some space themed songs including “rocketship” and “the planet song”. We then transitioned to the tables where we did an activity. The children got asked, “if i was going to space, what would I bring?” They then drew what they would bring. Our friends were taking astronauts, their mummy’s, ice cream and their dogs. We then had a “moon sand” activity set up in a sensory tray. In the sensory tray, the children found sand, “meteoroids”, “time travel machines” and people who were walking on the moon. We then had some time for yoga which our friends spent their time stretching, dancing and relaxing.

What a beautiful start to the week!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Tayla x