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Hello everyone,
Welcome to the start of a new week!

Today, as we started our morning in the outdoor yard, we played amongst some fun and active activities with our friends! We particularly liked being involved in our water play and bubbles 🙂
Once we made the transition inside we all joined for our morning group time. We sang some of our favorite songs as we welcomed one another in Senior Kindy. We then engaged in some Show and Tell when Bjorn showed the class his truck book that made sounds. We love it when Senior Kindy get up and have the confidence to show their friends something they love as we get to love it too! Thank you Bjorn for sharing 🙂

After washing our hands and doing 5 Cheeky Monkeys for a happy and smooth transition, we found our seats for morning tea. We then got to explore the classroom in some free play! We love exploring and feeling happy in our classroom environment!

Following that, we had lots of fun participating in our weekly Yoga class! The energy and excitement they all had during Yoga is so amazing to see! We love our stretching and dancing 🙂

When coming back inside we got ourselves ready for a big lunch and a quick rest, ready for the rest of our Monday! And finally as it was time to wake up and have afternoon tea, we celebrated Harrison’s birthday with some cupcakes 🙂 Happy birthday Harrison, we hope you enjoyed your day!

Thank you friends for a happy start to the week! See you all soon 🙂

Kind regards,
Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Danna