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😊Welcome to Monday’s Blog 😊

What a lovely day we have had with Senior Kindy and Pre Kindy. The sun was shining and the birds were singing in the trees while we explored the wonderful outdoor experiences. The children were very excited to run over and climb the new climbing cage. A great gross motor experience practicing the grip with our hands and balance while climbing over the dome shaped climbing frame. “Take a photo of us said Zahra”, while her and her friends sat on the top pf the frame posing for a photo. The children also racing each other down the two slides and running around and up the tree house to race again. A few friends also enjoyed some crayon drawing on the easels, playing follow the leader over the rock bridge and playing with a friend on the see saws. As Easter is coming up so soon we decided to start in some Easter crafts. We grabbed our Yellow, Red, Blue and Green paint and some Easter inspired stickers. It was a bit tricky peeling off the stickers at first but Miss TJ demonstrated how to peel it off. The children stayed persistent and soon got the hang of it.

We had a nice group time together on the mat to cool off. We practiced our clicking and counting skills, singing ‘Days of the week’ and ’10 little Indians’ before reading a very sweet book called, “Wilfrid Gordon MacDonald Patrick” which was story about a boy who become great friends with an older women and helps her to remember memories from her childhood.

Hope everyone has a great afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Dominique  x