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Good Afternoon Senior Kindy and Happy Monday!

Firstly, a massive happy birthday to our boy, Hudson, who turned 3 yesterday! We hope you had the best day!!

This morning we were joined by lots of friends in the yard. Our friends spent their time in home corner with Miss Bec making cupcakes and stew. The children enjoyed finding different ingredients such as mud, water and leaves to add to the stew. Some of our friends enjoyed playing in the treehouse, playing tag, riding bikes and pushing each other on the swing. Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed indoors for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat for a group time. We started by talking about what we did on the weekend. We then said our good morning’s to Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Shae. The children then sat quietly for two books, that started off our NAIDOC week celebrations. We read “Ernie danced to the didgeridoo” and “The Rainbow Serpent”. The children liked to recall what the rainbow serpent created in the world. This was the creeks, the water, the hills and the trees. We continued this conversation by taking it to the activity tables. We had two tables set up. On one table, the children created their own rainbow serpent using red and yellow playdough. The children stretched and manipulated the playdough as much as they could. On the other table, we had leaves and painting. The children used the leaves as their serpent, to paint it in different colours. While doing this, we recalled the book and what happened. Some of our friends also decided that they wanted to go outdoors. Outdoors, they had a dance party in the treehouse, did puzzles on the green mat.

Before we knew it, it was time for us to make our beds, have lunch and lay down for rest time. All children have a rest time, whether or not they decide to sleep.

What a great way to start our week!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Shae x