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Good afternoon!

It was so great to see so many of you at our Father’s Day event, you all looked so happy engaging with your dad’s. This morning our friends spent their morning in the big yard, drawing, kicking soccer goals, cooking cake in the kitchen and reading under the shade of the tree with Miss Alicia. Once all of our friends and Miss Bec had arrived, we headed indoors for a group time. Today for group time we read “King Pig” and sang some songs before transitioning to morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat down and sang the alphabet and read the ABC book. This book taught the children A is for… B is for… etc. We then transitioned to the tables where we had three different activities. On the first table we had alphabet playdough where the children made cupcakes using the playdough and used alphabet recognition as their icing. On the second table we had a self identity activity. The children had feelings posters next to them, they then made that feeling on their face and attempted to draw their face while looking in the mirror. On the third table we had Lego. Miss Bec made letters and numbers using the Lego boards, having the children try to recognize them. The children had calm music playing in the background and this made the environment so great!

We then spent the remainder of our morning outdoors, where we had our yoga lesson with Miss Hayley too.

What a beautiful start to our week.

Love Miss Bec and Alicia and Lara x

We apologise again as the photos were unable to be uploaded, Miss Emma has been let known of the issue and is working on a resolution.