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-It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sun shining day-

What a beautiful sunny Autumn day it was. All three classes joined together in our learning experiences for the day, they really enjoyed each other’s company. The children were very excited when they came through to the yard to see their friends and educators! It was great to see the children from different ages mingling and inviting each other to play.

This morning, Mr Andrew extended off our recycling research and learning from last week, where we watched a clip on recycling (where the rubbish goes and how we can recycle) and did various activities where we reused items for play. Today Mr Andrew set up a group activity where we sorted a handful of items into waste and recycling, the children did a wonderful job at identifying between rubbish and things that can be recycled, they really enjoyed this activity and showed interest on wanting to make sure items are disposed correctly or that they can reuse recycled items for many different things.

Afterwards all children washed their hands in time for some yummy morning tea!!! When all tummies were nice and full the children were eager to explore more of their wonderful outdoor environment – the swing is always fun as they love having that slight adrenaline rush as they swing forward and back in the cool breeze. Some children had a lot of fun playing in the doll house, exploring their imagination as well as playing with the baby animals. Miss Jess also set up some Easter craft!!!!! The children got to participate in making Easter bunny baskets, they LOVED THIS and really enjoyed watching Miss Jess set up for it too. Miss Jess enjoyed watching them make these as the smiles on their faces and the questions they asked about the Easter Bunny were so beautiful, the children’s imaginations always sparks our souls.

It was them time for scrumptious lunch!!! Vegetarian and non vegetarian Meatloaf alongside some delicious salad and veggies. After children had finished eating the non sleepers headed to the tree house to do some quiet activities while the sleepers headed to Miss TJs room getting ready to rest their bodies so they are all refreshed and energized bunnies for this afternoon.

This afternoon the children had a beautiful time spent with their friends and teachers, sharing laughs and many smiles.

What a wonderful start to the week,

Thankyou all for today and see you all soon.

Miss Jess Miss TJ and Mr Andrew x