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Hello and welcome families to our magnificent journey of fun this fine sunny Friday.

This morning Miss Jess welcomed all friends with a warm smile and wave as the hopped on out to the great outdoors to explore what was install for them!! Some children headed to the foam pit where Miss Jess had put some shaving cream in the container with some natural loose parts. They really LOVED the feeling of the shaving cream oozing through their fingers as they squashed their hands together. They also enjoyed playing with the loose parts, pushing them around and hiding them inside the shaving cream! It wasn’t long before children showed a lot of interest in the awesome sensory walking path Miss Jess did for all to enjoy! It is such a fun way to enhance on children’s fine motor skills such as – balancing, hand and eye coordination and spatial awareness and so much more. It was so easy to create and you can add different textures to it too! Some friends headed to the sandpit area where they baked and built many amazing things in the sandpit and had so much fun on the rope swings under the tree house.The bikes were a lot of fun too as they zoom around like grease lighting. The free drawing in the garden area was a hit as most children liked letting their imagination and creativity flow as they put pencil/texta to paper.

It was then time to for our S.K and P.K friends to come inside, wash their hands ready for some morning tea. After all tummies were satisfied all friends helped tidy away before coming together on the mat with Miss Jess.

Miss Jess informed all friends that it was one of our special friends BIRTHDAYS TODAY!! HENDRIX! Today he turned the big 3 WOW! We all sang a big happy birthday song to him and he loved it. Miss Jess got Hendrix to pick a book out that he would like for her to read to all, after the book, Miss Jess set up some paper and pencils where the children were able to draw their own birthday cakes! They were all pretty amazing cakes that for sure! It was also another special friends birthday yesterday, MISS TJ  so for a little surprise for her to see Monday we did a happy birthday sign and decorated it with glitter, sequences and feathers!!! The children had so much fun doing this.

Before lunchtime Miss Jess asked Hendrix if he would like to have a birthday dance party and he happily said YES! Miss Jess put some troll music on, frozen, and dance freeze! WOW they had so much fun and showing their groovy dance moves. Lots of laughs and smiles were shared!

After our scrumptious lunch, our friends got ready to rest their bodies and re-energize for this afternoons adventure.

This afternoon all children ate their delicious afternoon tea and were all so eager and excited to bounce outside for where more of their fun journeys begin.

What a lovely day it has been with you all and thank you♥

Have a lovely and safe weekend, see you all next week.

Miss Jess xx

The photos wouldn’t upload due to technical difficulties and I am sorry about that – However I have printed off the blog as well as the photos for you to see on the door. ♥