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Welcome back after our long Easter weekend. We hope you had a lovely and safe weekend 😊

The Senior Kindy and Pre Kindy children were having a blast exploring the yard’s activities that were set out for the day. Maia, Ryan, Luna and Emerson were climbing up the rock climbing walls up to the slides. They used their hand eye coordination skills to careful grab hold of each rock and place their feet on the rocks too to push up. They were so proud of themselves once they made it to the top. Emerson and Arlo played a running race back and forth on the grass. Asher, Zander and Zahra ran straight over to the big and asked Miss Danica to go “Higher and Higher”. Arlo, Ivy and her sister Harper were working together with Mr Andrew to point the hands on the large clock to the numbers that Mr Andrew called out. It was a great numeracy fun game to play. Harley, Willow and Maia also enjoyed the craft table that was set out with scissors, pens, glue and colourful paper. The children used their creativity skills to make an art piece, using any of the resources given. Our scissor grips are becoming better and better each time we practice with scissors. Luna, Emerson, Ryan and Arlo also worked together to build a big train track to then ride their trains around. The trains were set up in the garden area which was a great wide open and cool space to play together. For morning tea, we ate a yummy French toast and fruit meal while listening to a story about a Tui bird that couldn’t sing.

Everyone gathered in the sandpit with Miss Jess to build sandcastles. Together we dug deep into the sand to find the damp sand for our sandcastle moulds. The children had fun soaking in the warm sun this morning as the temperature has dropped. Our friends were climbing the cage, playing chasey over the grass hill and riding the bikes around the path.

We all came inside for a group time stretching our arms, legs and necks to then focus on Miss TJ. Our focus over the next few weeks is EMOTIONS. Today we looked at a few cards of pictures of children feeling different emotions. The class helped Miss TJ identify what each child might be feeling. Miss TJ then asked the children to come up one at a time to place a picture card on the matching feeling. They loved it! It was so much fun pulling sad, angry, surprised, scared, frustrated and happy faces. Our focused feeling was FRUSTRATED and what it meant.

We then had a delicious lunch before a much-needed rest after our big weekends!

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Jess