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Hello families and friends…

On this Terrific Thursday, we got to attend a special show from BraveHearts Foundation 🙂 This was a very positive, fun and educational experience where we got to meet Diddo our lion cub friend who taught us lots about feeling safe and knowing our own bodies and feelings. Lessons like this are extremely important in the real-world and teaching children in an appropriate way if you’re feeling safe and how to handle situations. Thank you Braveheart for coming into RELC today to help protect and educate us all!

We then got to engage in some indoor activities with our friends. There was lots of options and fun toys to play with that each extended on learning skills in different ways!

Soon after, we got to attend our weekly ARAKAN lesson! We all had lots of fun participating in today’s class and loved getting involved and using some of our physical skills with our new ARAKAN coach 🙂

It was then time to pack away, and sit on the mat for our daily group/yarn time with Miss Leesa. We sang some of our favorite songs, read an intriguing book and even had fun with some of Miss Leesa’s puppets 🙂

Finally, we got ourselves ready for big lunch and rest time, ready for the rest of our fun-filled Thursday!

Thank you friends for a very positive day and we will see you all very soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana