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Happy Thursday families and friends…

Today in the Senior Kindy room the children had a fabulous day of fun, learning and play. The children were excited to roll out the big transport mat as Harper and Lachlan helped identify all the different types of buildings and transport vehicles displayed on the mat.   Christopher and Latika requested the emergency stations and Conall collected the cars and accessories for the transport stations and all the children settled on the mat and engaged in role play. Miss Leesa added the wooden ramp to the play experience and children had races down the ramp with the police and ambulance cars.

The Senior Kindy children then gathered at the table and patiently waited their turn for painting something very special for their mummies for Mother’s Day. The children displayed wonderful concentration skills and attention to detail as they carefully painted and engaged in conversation  about why they love their mummies. While some friends were waiting their turn, Miss Leesa collected the fluro painting pens and the children set about painting “rainbows’ and ‘stripes’ all over their page.

Yarn time today we shared some beautiful books about mummies entitled, ‘I love my mummy’ and ‘Thanks Mum’, the children responded so well to the stories and certainly enjoy expressing how they feel about their mums. Other play experiences today included  working in pairs to complete the animal and shapes puzzles, identifying facial features in the mirror and sharing story books at the table.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa