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Good afternoon Senior Kindy!

This morning we welcomed Lachlan, Rumi, Toby, Hunter, Henry, Hudson, Parker, Nikora, Nayla, Dominic, Zahra, Alia, Tua and Isabelle into the yard. Our friends spent their morning engaging in a range of different activities and experiences including the obstacle course, soccer on the treehouse, swinging on the swing and making food in home corner.

For all meals today, we practiced our self serve, with the food on different plates on the tables. The children then used tongs and spoons to help themselves to the food. We find children are calmer and eat more when they are dishing it themselves.

After morning tea, we sat on the mat and read “The Rainbow Serpent”. The children loved looking at the pictures and telling themselves a story. We then held our hands on our heads to the tables where hwe had activities. We like to do different actions when we transition from group time to the activities. It tis good for the children to learn to listen to instruction and also makes it fun.

Activities today were alot of painting. We painted a big sheet of paper, which we will be cutting out to make our very own rainbow serpent. The children used Earth colours, blue, green and white to paint this. On the other table we had painting of letters, which will form “NAIDOC WEEK” for our wall. Some of our friends then participated in a colour recognition activity. This involved the children picking up coloured counters and matching them into the same coloured container.

Our friends also participated in Arakan Martial Arts today. They practiced their self defence skills while exercising and moving their bodies.

What an amazing Thursday we had!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Connie x