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Happy Tuesday Friends!

This morning we welcomed our friends who spent their morning in the yard engaging with one another, making cupcakes in mixing bowls, playing hide and seek, climbing on the obstacle course, having a picnic with one another and reading stories. Until then, our friends were interrupted by a fire engine who came screaming past with the firefighters arms out the window waving to us. Little did our friends know, that they would pull into our driveway and come visit! We all stood at the fence, waving and admiring the big red truck! Next minute, the firefighters got out and came into our yard to say hello. They spoke to us about what fire fighters do, what we have to do when we see a fire, and what they have to wear. Miss Tatyana even dressed up as one for us to see. We all were so intrigued.

While we waited for our turn to go and see the fire truck, we ate up all of our morning tea, and sat on the mat listening to fire truck songs and had a mini dance party. It was then our turn to go out in small groups, say a one on one hello to the firefighters who even let us use their big hose! This was a little heavy, but they helped us, and we sprayed it all over into the yard. Our faces lit up the minute the water started spraying out. We then said a big thank you to the firefighters before heading back indoors for some activities. Indoors we had playdough and a magic milk experiment that the children really enjoyed. Before we knew it, the sun came back out and we headed outdoors for a run around before it was time for lunch and rest time.

What a spontaneous and adventurous day we have had!

Just a few messages:

  • Please only bring water in your children’s water bottle. We are finding children are bringing juice and cordial, which attracts other children to want to drink it. This is not fair when we have to tell them no.
  • Please label your child’s belongings including sheets, water bottle, clothes, socks and shoes.
  • In Senior Kindy, we encourage children to do self help including looking after their own belongings. This includes shoes, water bottes and hats.
  • Miss Tayla is away for the remainder of the week, and Miss Bec will be away all of next week. Any questions next week please speak to Aaliyah, Tayla or Miss Emma


Thanks so much!

Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Jade x