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Dear Senior Kindy Friends and Family,

Here is a little overview/brief of our super fun Tuesday in the Senior Kindergarten room.

This morning we started our day playing outside with our friends, playing tag, riding bikes, going on the swings and making cupcakes in an assortment of “flavors” in the Sandpit. It is always nice to see the children using their creativity and imagination with their friends to create so fun and laughter.

Moving indoors, we all sat down for morning tea before our morning “Group Time” Session where the children came together for story time and to sing songs. Today Emerson brought in a special book to share with the class “Thomas’s ABC”. Thank you Emerson! Everyone loved it!

With our bodies refueled and minds fresh ready to engage we set out to various activity stations around the room. Lately there has been allot of interest in construction vehicles, we set up an activity where the children an use a series of diggers, back hoes, excavators and dump trucks digging, moving and transporting sand and rocks, learning about the key roles of each type of vehicle in a play environment. At another table we extended on our color matching and sorting hand/eye coordination in a time trail style experience having a set time limit to sort out many different colored objects into their color matched areas. This was a lot of fun! We have also been practicing our skills using scissors safely. I am very happy to report there has been significant improvement in this area across the entire class. Well done Senior Kindergarten we are very proud of you! Lastly for today’s planned activities playing with toy cars building ramps and bridges with mega blocks is still an extremely popular activity and we will be exploring more ways we can extend on their interests here over the coming days.

Lunch time! After another lesson in the importance of washing our hands and covering our mouths when we sneeze or cough the children where given the opportunity to put their hand washing skills in action demonstrating to each other how to wash their hands in small groups before sitting down at the tables for a delicious well deserved lunch.

After lunchtime as it is every day here in Senior Kindergarten  it was time for a rest. As the children finished their lunch they were invited to lay down or quietly read a book. Very quickly everyone was fast asleep!

Moving on with the afternoon as the children start to rise once more, we will all sit down for some afternoon tea before heading outside for a play as it is very beautiful day outside as well. We will set up some more activities for the children such as Arts and Crafts (Painting), an obstacle course and some water play activities.

This has been our day so far, it has been a wonderful day here in Senior Kindergarten! These children are all such a joy to teach. Well done parents!

Kind Regards,

Mr G & Miss Thais