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Hello families,
This morning we welcomed our friends, Hudson, Nayla, Dominic, Luca, Parker, Archie, Lachlan, Henry L, Banjo, Rumi, Grace, Kezia, Henry W, Zahra, Alanis and Lincoln. Our friends spent their day engaging in indoor/outdoor play, where the doors were left open for the children to roam. Indoors, we had puzzles and numbers, which the children enjoyed putting together and counting. Outdoors, the children enjoyed running around, engaging in water play and climbing.
After morning tea, we all sat on the mat for group time, in which we read “We are going on a bear hunt” and sang some songs. Miss Bec even made a funny song that went “The Parker’s on the bus went…”, including each child’s name who then made a noise that they wanted to make on the bus. Our wonderful children then became helpers and each carried a chair outside, where we started our outdoor classroom day. We took out the tables, and all children sat around them. Our main activity today was rock painting, where the children used cotton tips to dot paint on a rock. Some of our children compromised and dipped the rock into the paint, and then dabbed it onto paper, making a cool effect. We then got out the red magic sand for the children to move animals about.

On the mat, some of us completed some brand new puzzles! Miss Bec taught us about the edges of a puzzle, and how to know if it goes on the edge or in the middle. The children are doing really well with learning how to complete a puzzle. We then spent the rest of our morning engaging in outdoor play with Pre- Kindy.

What a wonderful Tuesday!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Aaliyah xx