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Hello friends!

Firstly a big happy birthday to our friend Nayla!! Hope you had an amazing day!!

This morning our friends spent their morning outdoors in the sunshine role playing, dancing, swinging and engaging with one another. Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed indoors where we sat on the mat for a group time where Miss Alicia led us in songs and stories before transitioning to morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Alicia set up an amazing activity for us to help celebrate Early Learning Matters, which today is the Transportation Schema. She set up a road, with sea and land made out of rice. We had the fire truck station which the cars could go in and out of. The children had a turn of putting the rice in funnels, transporting the rice in diggers from one side to the other, moving the trucks around the road and overall having fun.  The children absolutely  loved this activity. While some of our friends were not interested in this activity, we role played in home corner mud kitchen. Parker, Dominic and Lincoln N made cupcakes to celebrate Nayla’s birthday. They took turns of putting the cupcakes in the oven and out on the table to serve. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch.

What a beautiful Tuesday!

Can we please ask that you refrain from bringing in lunchboxes to kindy. This is due to there being children in the centre that are anaphylactic to certain foods, as well as it being unfair and causing some issues with other children. We will provide a range of foods to ensure that every child is eating enough food each and every day. Thank you. 

Love Miss Bec, Miss Alicia and Miss Aaliyah x