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Happy Tuesday families and friends…

Today in the Senior Kindy room we all spent time getting to know each other better. We started our day in the great outdoors where Harper, Lachlan, Latika and Ryan were busy showing Miss Leesa about the playground. Harper and Lachlan were very excited explore and catch up with old friends from their Toddler room days. Miss Leesa was introduced to Luna and Christopher by Miss TJ and the children were able to help Miss Leesa explore the indoors once we transitioned inside.The children made their way to wash their hands as we sang our hand washing  song and then Harper helped hand out all the drink bottles to her peers for morning tea. The children then practiced their self-help skills by cleaning off and packing away their dishes. Well done friends!

The Senior Kindy friends then set about exploring the room and choosing some of their favourite experiences. Christopher and Luna made their way to Miss Leesa’s big barrel of lego, where the children happily engaged and kept busy constructed a lego farm with animals, trees and tractors. Harper, Lachlan and Latika were keen to play a matching and sorting game with the animal magnets on the white boards. Lachlan said, ‘same, same’ when he discovered a pair of frogs and hippos. Harper said, ‘I found two monkeys’ as she placed them together on the board. Ryan enjoyed some quiet time reading books on the mat. Ryan then requested for Miss Leesa to share the ‘I’m going on a Bear Hunt’ story. The senior kindy children all quickly gathered on the mat to listen and interact with the story. We then decided we would draw our very own bear in a cave like the one in the story using crayons.

The children then gathered at the door to the playground to observe the heavy rain coming down and making big puddles. We all joined in and sang ‘Its raining, it’s pouring” as the children made observation about the sound the rain was making on the roof. Well,,, What a wonderful day of fun and play in the Senior Kindy room today..

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa