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Happy Tuesday families and friends…

This morning during Yarn Time the children sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to their friend ‘Luna’ who turned ‘three’ today. We all gave three ‘hip, hip horays’ as Luna proudly shared information about all the lovely presents she received for her birthday.  We hope you’ve had a fun day celebrating your birthday with your friends today Luna. We also welcomed our friend ‘Charlotte’ back to Riversdale who has been away for a little while. We are very excited to have you back Charlie!

Today in the Senior Kindy room we continued on with the children engaging in ‘real-life experiences’. This morning the children role-played and pretended to be working in an ‘office’ as Connor suggested, as he played alongside his peers. The children typed on the keyboards and played make-believe as they talked and had conversations with their mums, dads and friends on the phones. The children kept busy and were very good at sharing the resources and taking turns so that all the children in the group could have a turn to role play. We also continued on with sensory play with the playdough, requested by our friend Taran. The children gathered at the table to utilise the plastic scissors, wooden hammers and rollers to manipulate the dough. The children made sausages, birthday cakes, meatballs and flat pancakes. The children also worked in pairs to match the animal magnets on the whiteboard and build castles and rockets with the magnetic tiles.

Group time today the children sang along to some of our favourite songs with puppets including Row your Boat, Little Crocodile and Galomp. Other play experiences today included transport play, role play in homecorner, puzzle play and sharing stories in book corner.

Until next time..

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Danica