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Happy Tuesday

This morning the children were having lots of cuddles with each other and their teachers to help us warm up to the day. Cuddles always help as the children were then putting on their brave faces and went off to explore the yards activities.

Today we planned to have a messy play experience using shaving foam and sand to make a fluffy texture.  We have noticed the children have been gravitating to any messy hands on experiences like play dough, water play and sandpit play. When making the shaving foam mixture the children said “Ice cream” while Miss TJ sprayed the foam into the bucket. We then explained to the children although it does look like ice cream it is actually used on people for shaving. Mr G gave the children an awesome demonstration on how he uses shaving foam at home by placing some on his face. The children all giggled watching Mr G.  The group had an absolute ball using their senses to feel, touch and smell the sand and foam play. Taran, said “It’s sticky”. Hendrix said, “It feels nice”. Macy said, “It’s squishy”.

Senior Kindy also enjoyed role playing shops and families over in the home corner. The children have been so excited everyday to play with the Octonauts set. Today we grabbed the Octonauts out onto the large mat for lots of space. The Octonauts have been a great learning experience for the children as they have needed practice sharing and taking turns as well as communicating with one another while role playing a story or asking for a turn.

Before lunch we went for a walk outside up in the tree house where we read as story called ‘Eight’ which was about a boy who lost his favourite octopus teddy and then found it. The children were listening to the story and also observed the tree’s moving around in the wind.

Hope everyone has a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr G