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Hello friends and welcome to a terrific Tuesday!

Today we started off our day playing outside, riding bikes and playing colour sorting games with the beanbags and cones. We love a morning play getting excited for our day and using our energy to have fun with our friends 🙂

We then came inside for a quick group time of introduction songs and said our Acknowledgment to Country. We then found our seats for some refreshing morning tea.

After packing away our plates, we got to engage in some classroom activities. There was water color painting and a sensory activity with play-dough. We also did lots of drawing with Miss Lyn and imaginative play throughout. We explored a lot in today’s play-time 🙂

Following that, Senior Kindy worked together to pack away all of the toys. We are getting so good at applying our self-help skills every way we can. Good job friends!

We then sat on our mat for an afternoon group time with Miss Tatyana. We sang our favorite songs and read 2 exciting story books! We listened well and contributed throughout group time with Miss Tatyana.

Soon it was time for us to get ready for lunch and rest our tired little bodies.

Thank you for today friends! See you all soon 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana, Miss Jade and Miss Lyn