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Happy Wednesday families and friends…

Today the Senior kindy children were excited to engage in home corner play as Millie requested the cupcakes and Harper requested the tea set. Myla and Lachlan joined in on the play as the children identified and negotiated roles and pretended to bake the cupcakes in the oven and make cups of tea to have a ‘tea party’. Myla and Lachlan took turns counting how many cupcakes they could fit in the tray and then matched the colours

The children were then given the opportunity to continue practicing their fine motor skills via threading pasta on the pipe cleaners. Millie proudly wore here pasta bracelets on her arms when she had finished threading. Miss Leesa then collected the kinetic sand for the children to engage in sensory play. The children took turns to manipulate the blue sand and create shapes with the moulds. Connor and Ryan noticed the sand was ‘soft and cold’ on their hands as they played.

Harper and Latika then requested ‘dancing’ as Miss Leesa collected the rainbow ribbons. The children quickly gathered on the mat and created patterns with the ribbons as we all danced to some Disney tunes. The children then played follow-the-leader as we all marched and skipped around the tables and then Miss Leesa stopped the music and the children all ‘froze’ as we enjoyed a game of musical statues.

Other play experiences today included water colour painting, sharing stories on the pillows, puzzle play and transport play.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jordan