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Happy 1st of September!!

First of all, Thank you so so much for all your gifts and cards for Educators Day! We cannot thank you enough, we are so lucky to have such amazing parents!
This morning we spent the morning indoors due to the smoky environment. Our friends spent their time playing wit kinetic sand, reading books in book corner and playing with all different types of blocks. We read “We are going on a bear hunt” and “Guess how much I love you” with Miss Bec before having a dance party and going to morning tea.

After morning tea, our friends enjoyed free play indoors for a little while, where they found themselves playing, doing puzzles and cooking in home corner. We then ventured outdoors where our friends participated in the obstacle course, sensory play, building blocks under the shade tree, having a dance party on the treehouse and having lots of one on one time with our friends and educators. We absolutley loovveddd water play today!! It then started to become really hot and our tummies became hungry, so we came indoors for lunch and rest time.

Thank you,

Miss Bec x