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Hello Senior Kindy!

Today we welcomed our friends Hudson, Alanis, Nayla, Henry W, Lachlan, Rumi, Henry L, Zahra, Luca, Kezia, Everly, Poppy, Banjo and Orion. Our friends started their morning in the yard exploring, climbing, role playing and digging. Zahra and Nayla loved making cupcakes in the mud kitchen. We then headed indoors where we sat on the mat and read a book called “The Echidna and the shade tree”. The story was about how the echidna found its spikes, and how trees became alive.

After morning tea, the children sat on the mat with Miss Tayla and Miss Bec and played “doggy doggy where’s your bone”. The children took turns of hiding the bone, and being the doggy. We then transitioned outdoors to our tables which were full of activities. On one table, we had playdough with different tools. The children used sticks and leaves to knead into the playdough. On the other table, we had an activity where the children recognised the Aboriginal pictures/words and tried to draw them in the sand. Some of the children were really good and understanding, and some just loved the feel of the sensory sand. This week, continuing into next week we will be celebrating “Reconciliation Week”, and we have lots of different activities planned for the children. We then had a run around in the yard, where the children spent their time role playing in home corner, running to and from the activity tables and balancing on the obstacle course.

Notes: Each child has their own locker, which will have their hat and belongings. Please make sure your child has a hat on before coming outdoors in the mornings. 

Also a reminder about our family tree, to bring in your family photos to add! 

Much love,

Miss Bec, Miss Tayla and Miss Tárn x